Tuesday, September 22, 2009

  • 10 Hope St Btw Roebling and Havemeyer

Hello Bloggers ;) Tifanny Rosy here, inviting you to an amazing A-HOOD™ affiliated event!

Hosted By; The infamous 40 Vans & Tifanny Rosy.

With 3 DJs its going to be 3times the party!

Shout outs To Iron Lyon for making the event possible for me. Also google, tweet, myspace and facebook him, hes the man with a million plans!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tifanny Rosy; A-HOOD's Official 1st Lady

Interview with Tifanny Rosy;

Hey Bloggers, its yours truly here to let you know a little about myself and what I represent.

  • Where were you born and raised?
I was born September 1988 in Bushwick, BK but raised right here in Far Rockaway, Qns. This is also the spot where the magic happens for our clothing line.

  • Let us know a little about Tifanny Rosy.
Well I'm a libra! Lol, isn't that how personal ads begin?! Lets see, currently I am with the Army National Guard, and yes I know how to shoot. Thats always a question I get asked, followed by "did you really do it". I'm a mild tomboy, always rocking kicks, A-HOOD tees and denim on anyday, I'm a huge fan of graffitti, Old skool music as well as the new skool, of course sneakers and denim as well. Don't get it twisted though, I'm also a bookworm, if you haven't read The Alchemist then go read it!

  • Tell us about your clothing lines name.
The clothing line's abbreviation is A-HOOD and it stands for All High Off Our Designs. Its a very diverse line because we come from a rather large family, very different outlooks on life and we are all behind it 100 percent. There is 5 of us total, between my brothers and I.

  • Are you the only girl?
Lol, yes, yes I am. I am also the middle child so I feed off of all of them mentally as we all do with each other. When someone is designing something, we are all taking turns overlooking it to assure they are doing it to the best of their ability. There need be no slacking!

  • Who does most of the designing?
Choo Choo definitely does most of the designing, if not all. We just establish the line, we being, AlwaysBenFresh, which is our eldest brother & I. I pick out the types of material we will be using, what type of crowd we would be introducing our product to and just working behind the scenes. You could say I handle all the small stuff.

  • What can we look forward to from A-HOOD?
Good question man, currently we are promoting just t-shirts but we do have custom designs for denim and underwear, yup underwear. There will be some great photoshoots and events happening these coming months. Also, Choo Choo has some mix tapes and a video up and coming. He's really multi-talented and we are just backing him up along his journey.

Thanks for everyone who has tuned in to read our blog, any questions or request for work done hit us up @ The Real A-HOOD; therealahood@gmail.com one of us will be sure to get back to you.
Bless ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009


acronymAll High OFF Our Designs
What is A-HOOD™?? What does it stands for? A-Hood is short for "All Neighborhoods" Everybody Comes From A Neighborhood" some where down the line and if you forgot your neighborhood always remember you are part of A-Hood! A-HOOD is a growing community in itself, which brings together all walks of life and we help, teach & look out for one another. The difference from the A-Hood™ movement and the others, is that A-HOOD™ does not speak for itself, the people speak for A-HOOD™ (their hood). Its about all the individuality, to express oneself. Be proud of who you are and where you are from!

So who are you? Choo-Choo, The surrealist person you will ever know. but before this Lil interview gets started, I wanna say HELLO and show massive love to the 3 F's! Family! Friends! & Fans! I believe in every single one of your ability's to fulfill one dream after another, Consistency in living in a positive & beautiful world....."Lets Create It".....It only takes one person to start and I believe it's been already started.

I guess you got a thing with trains? YEAH, yeah Since a youngin' I had a thing with trains!! I still do, I never mind hopping on the subway to this day and I'm from NYC which happens to have the biggest subway system in the world. There is not a spot in NY you cant get to or close to on riding the trains.
Wheres your place in this movement? I am the Creator & Founder of A-HOOD™. My first official members are my family, which is my 3 brothers and sister. They all help a lot and bring great ideas to the table. I love working with them creating their visions as well as my own. It all started with a vision I had in a day dream that still seemed more than possible when I woke up.

Are there any other members?
yes there are plenty more talented members of A-HOOD that will later be introduced.

Where are you from? I was raised in Far Rockaway, queens but born in Brooklyn. I moved around a lot through the side and back blocks of the many Boro's in New York City and leave my tag as I go...."I’M A BOMBER THAT JUST HAPPENS TO RAP" on that note dis is just the beginning.

What should we expect from this blog? You have a lot to look forward to, subscribing to this blog will keep you updated with emails on all of the newest "A-HOOD Apparel" that will be up for purchase. some of my canvas' will be displayed on the blog,also my music will be available for listening and downloads. You get access to all fliers for events & parties we throw. Our parties ain't something to miss out on! Slideshow's of all the pictures from every party will be created and displayed, we also have fashions shows coming. There we be local and world wide hip hop entertainment on the blog and anything else we feel we should blog about. I'm planning to start posting a sketch everyday for 6 months straight, that just one of the many ideas for the blog. We do it all so if you have any questions or interested in getting anything customized by me send an email to therealahood@gmail.com and get a estimate on what you wanna get, "You got ideas & I make them rockable."

Thanks again people for your time much respect



Rest in peace ~Patrick Wayne Swayze ~ (August, 18, 1952 – September, 14, 2009) He was an American actor, dancer and singer-songwriter. He was best-known for his roles as romantic leading men in the films Dirty Dancing and Ghost.

Rest in peace ~Michael "Iz the Wiz" Martin (November, 30,1958 - June, 17,2009) . He was one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the New York graffiti movement of the late 70s till this very day forever live the "master blaster"

Rest in peace~Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009), known as the "king of pop", was an American musician and one of the most influential entertainers of all time. His unique contributions to music and dance, along with a highly publicized personal life, made him a prominent figure in popular culture for 4 decades.